yachting design and build of bespoke elevators

To suit the needs of this most bespoke of industries, where little is ever standard, Lift Emotion provides superyacht builders and owners with truly custom design, construction and service.

Practically everything we do is one-of-a-kind, meeting the requirements of some of the world’s most demanding clients. Based amid the world’s foremost cluster of yachtbuilding excellence in the Netherlands, we have wide-ranging involvement with international clients and certification bureaus. Lift Emotion designs, builds and implements elevators in all types and sizes for a wide range of needs and solutions. We are also adept at providing a variety of technical solutions for your yacht other than elevator technology.

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Refit & Upgrade

In addition to providing premium products and solutions, we carry out refits and refurbish or upgrade various equipment to a wide variety of specifications.

Whatever the make or condition of your marine elevator or other system, you can rely on us to renovate, modernise, alter or enhance it according to your needs and desires – and the very latest yachting trends.

Service & Maintenance

Lift Emotion equipment is made to last – but time always takes its toll and unforeseen events can happen. This is why we deploy advanced technology that allows us to remotely check the status of your equipment at your request, and thereby see what is wrong and how to fix it.

If there is a problem, we may be able to also solve it remotely or support your engineers as they do so on location – even out at sea. Our own technicians stand ready to help you on-site with reliable service and maintenance activities when required.


Lift Emotion provides a range of consultancy services for your convenience. If you need additional in-depth information or advice before deciding on the system that suits your specific situation, including a feasibility study, you’ve come to the right place.

We will also ensure that your chosen solution has all the documentation necessary for future maintenance or upgrades. And we can provide a working supervisor to help you install your system quickly and conveniently. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.


All our equipment is tailor-made and specially engineered for the purpose at hand, while also including proven technology and designs where desirable. Lift Emotion has its own engineers with the background and experience in technology, mechanics, electrical engineering and marine applications required for a solid, high-performance design/engineering package.


You want your elevator running smoothly and safely all the time, and so do we. Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, we also provide inspections in addition to service, maintenance and repairs.

All our elevators and other systems comply with NEN, ISO, Lloyd’s, DNV and ABS regulations, and must be inspected regularly by a certification authority – to make sure they are up to scratch, we can carry out an inspection for you beforehand. We do this both for our own products and those supplied by other manufacturers.

Spare & replacement parts

In addition to regular professional maintenance, ensuring that your system runs smoothly requires the easy availability of spare parts: after all, you don’t want to get caught out at sea. No matter what type or brand of elevator or other solution you have, including systems made by other manufacturers, Lift Emotion provides advice on the type and number of parts you should keep on hand, and can have them delivered at the location and time of your choosing – even in sailing areas well off the beaten track.

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