New technique reducing elevator install time

Dutch manufacturer of high-end lifts for yachts, Lift Emotion, has developed a new procedure to save time installing glass-finished elevators onboard yachts. The company has recently completed a lift installation in a record three days, on a 100metre plus yacht, built and recently delivered in Northern Europe. The normal fitting time for a glass elevator onboard a yacht is closer to six to eight weeks.

Lift Emotion pre-assembled the lift at its facilities in Meppel, the Netherlands. The glass elements were mounted on the lift installation according to the highest yachting standard in the controlled factory environment. After assembly the modular glass elevator installation was transported to the build yard.

Once at the yard, the complete elevator was hoisted onboard the yacht at an angle of four degrees, the elevator installation was completed just three days.

For the yard, advantages of this short installation time meant less downtime and reduced obstruction time of the staircase of the yacht under construction. The Lift Emotion crew were onboard solely for the few days it took to complete installation, meaning the process caused minimum impact for other construction disciplines onboard the yacht.

Although this was the first time that a pre-assembled glass elevator was installed on a yacht, Lift Emotion has previously used the process on a high-end residence in the Alps and France.

Lift Emotion worldwide strives to be the first choice for the design, build and installation of high end lifts both offshore and onshore.

By employing creativity, flexibility and new techniques, Lift Emotion is capable of offering solutions for the most challenging lifting projects to the benefits of its clients.