Pre-assembly for a custom solution

We’ve been enjoying putting our customisation skills to the test recently with an elevator destined for a yacht in-build in northern Europe. The round elevator is built not in glass but with steel-coated lift trunk and will have a tailor-made cladding added once it’s installed onboard.

It might sound simple, but the integration of cladding and lift parts is time consuming with cladding needed for every separate part, as well as the landing and cabin doors. These doors will receive a thick, aesthetically-pleasing cladding making custom made door panels and door drives necessary.

The lift will be pre-assembled in the Lift Emotions workshop in Meppel and then transported to the ship where it will be hoisted onto the vessel over the course of a few days.

The engineering process was created in 3D for a simpler integration with the 3D design of the vessel. The drive system has been made with a 1:1 acting telescopic cylinder which passes through the pit into a dedicated machine room and with this, 50% of noise inside the lift trunk is eliminated for the comfort of passengers. The inverter-driven power pack ensures a perfect smooth ride and low heat production, with the addition of producing low sound. The elevator controls are in compliance with the latest elevator rules and the entire lift has received complete Lloyd’s approval.