Special Products

Some highly creative people work in the various disciplines at Lift Emotion, including naval architects.
This is why we are regularly commissioned by companies with specific technical challenges that cannot be solved elsewhere.

We take great pride in bringing together precision technology, extensive experience and state-of-the-art techniques to create special engineering solutions other than elevators.

A good example is our Lifebuoy Shooting Unit (LSU), the latest version of which can be placed behind a hatch: when needed, the buoy and smoke pot shoot out of the bulwark. Another recent innovation which has been installed on various yachts is our pop-up elevator design, integrated into the superstructure to deliver problem-free access to the sun deck and/or beach club.

These one-off special products are engineered for clients in the superyacht, offshore and commercial sectors, as well as in buildings. Examples include

  • pop-up elevators
  • a lifebuoy shooting unit
  • explosion-proof elevators on offshore rigs
  • systems for moving glass panels
  • mechanical solutions for concealing TV screens on a superyacht
  • a spiral elevator for a renewed tech company theatre in the USA.

Share your mechanical challenge with us… If there’s an answer, Lift Emotion will find it.

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