Up, down and side to side

Lift Emotion received recently an order for heavy side loaders for a high end cruise ship, which move up and down as well as horizontally across the exterior of the vessel. This multi-direction movement allows crew to load up to 3000 kg of cargo at once into the vessel and is a complete new product range for Lift Emotion.

In its ten years of operation, Lift Emotion has had the chance to work with some of the world’s greatest designers with their requests ensuring our team is kept on its toes creating solutions to match their visions. This has meant each project has required a custom approach, but to meet the market, we’re now changing to offer a basic lift design to meet a range of requirements and budget brackets.

Applied to round elevators, this means we’re working to set diameters to enable development which brings the style to a new sector of the market. Material choices are still flexible within a certain range and it can be a great tool for shipyards with a standard range of vessels. Watch this space for updates.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have delivered several high end land-based projects in the past few years. From the most expensive house in Switzerland, to one of the most iconic global building projects of recent years in Cupertino; we’ve also delivered a glass elevator in France and are currently producing a glass elevator for a private house in the US.